Markus-Mühle NaturNah dog food


Markus-Mühle NaturNah dog food is a high-quality complete food designed to provide dogs with a special and natural composition. Formulated by practitioners surrounded by dogs daily, it's created with the well-being of dogs in mind. The food contains poultry, game, fish, and eggs of food quality to offer high-quality proteins, along with naturally bound vital roughage for optimal intestinal care. The cold water pressing production process is gentle on vital substances and results in chunky pieces for chewing and salivating.

This dog food is free of animal meal, vegetable by-products difficult to digest, genetically modified ingredients, chemical color additives, attractants, preservatives, and inorganic minerals. Additionally, it features Acticell Fruit Power, a unique combination of different fruits rich in secondary plant substances, acting as antioxidants and supporting digestion, feed conversion optimization, and immune system strengthening.

The formulation includes a natural combination of vital substances from ten different types of fruit, such as acerola cherries, apples, bananas, pears, raspberries, blueberries, carob, mangos, and papayas. These fruits provide essential vitamins and other secondary plant substances to support the dog's overall health.

The Markus-Mühle NaturNahfutter is inspired by the natural diet of dogs, aiming to provide the essential components of a prey animal. It's rich in minerals and has a balanced amino acid ratio for a dog's needs. The cold water pressing process preserves the nutrients while the hypoallergenic formula makes it suitable for nutritionally sensitive dogs. The product is 100% natural, without gluten and sugar, and uses Swiss chicken meat from species-appropriate husbandry.

Notably, no chemical color additives, attractants, preservatives, or genetically modified ingredients are used in the production of Markus-Mühle dog food. This is reflected in its relatively short shelf life of 6 months from the production date.