Concept for Life French Bulldog Adult


The Concept for Life French Bulldog Adult dry dog food is specially formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of adult (12 months+) and older French Bulldogs. With a protein content of 26% and L-carnitine to help maintain muscle mass, as well as oils and a vitamin B complex for skin and coat health, this dry dog food provides a balanced diet and holistic care for your French Bulldog.

The formulation is tailored to meet the requirements of French Bulldogs, promoting all-around health and wellbeing. It's based on a scientifically developed nutritional concept that focuses on the nutritional needs and wellbeing of dogs in every phase of life. The main ingredients are high-quality functional raw materials known for excellent digestibility and tolerance, while the special FORMULA X actively supports lifelong wellbeing and maximum functionality.

The Concept for Life French Bulldog Adult dry dog food is free from wheat or soya and provides a balanced diet specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of adult Frenchies. It contains ingredients to support muscle mass, healthy skin, shiny coat, digestion, vitality, cartilage and joint protection, dental health, and overall well-being.

This premium dry food is available in different sizes: 1.5kg, 4kg, and 8kg (2 x 4kg), offering tailored nutrition for your adult French Bulldog.