Wolf of Wilderness Adult "Fiery Volcanoes" - Lamb


Wolf of Wilderness "Fiery Volcanoes" - Lamb in a nutshell: Pure Lamb Protein: exclusively sourced from lamb, with 40% fresh meat Natural Minerals: invigorating silicate minerals No Chicken: made exclusively with lamb Grain-Free: suitable for dogs with grain sensitivities Species-Appropriate & Natural: no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavor enhancers Premium Quality: proudly made in Germany Wolf of Wilderness "Fiery Volcanoes" – Lamb is inspired by the wolf's natural diet in the wild. This delicious and protein-rich food is crafted solely with lamb as the protein source. The recipe draws inspiration from the wolf's natural surroundings and prey.

The power and elemental force of fire are showcased by an active volcano, and the land surrounding it is fertile and abundant in minerals. The wild sheep and lambs that graze there are robust and flavorsome. In the wild, your carnivorous dog would not consume grains, which is why "Fiery Volcanoes" is completely grain-free. It contains ample amounts of fresh lamb meat and protein and is enriched with mineral-rich siliceous earth, forest fruits, roots, and wild herbs.

Wolf of Wilderness – Embrace the Wild and Free!

Wolf of Wilderness "Fiery Volcanoes" - Lamb is a complete dry dog food suitable for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes. It is highly palatable and provides your pet with a well-balanced nutrient intake. This delectable food is available in three sizes: 1kg, 5kg (5 x 1kg), and 12kg.